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The Key to a Good Two-piece Look

When looking for a good two piece outfit, I take multiple things into perspective. First, I make sure that each piece can be paired with other items and still look amazing. Second I make sure that there are multiple ways of styling the set together so that I am likely to wear the set multiple times.

This set by Tellyourfriends from revolve is the ultimate summer purchase! Why? You make ask ! The answer is simple . You can simply pair the top and shorts together for a walk on the beach or a casual lunch then you can easily take it to the next level by adding your favorites heels for a night out. In this photo right here, I wanted to make this look extra special so I added a chunky chain belt to make it pop even more . Next I am planning on wearing the top as a cover up on my euro trip to Capri and Greece ! How would you style this two piece set?

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