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Mental Health During Coronavirus Pandemic and Quarantine - Finding Happiness through it all

Are you wondering how you can find happiness and joy during this quarantine phase?

The best way is to create a life inside the house as close to the one you had in the outside world. Definitely a challenge but worth trying.

Try these steps that have been working for many of my clients and myself.

1. Journal your daily routine step by step.

2.Review your steps and choose the ones you can do from home. Set a daily schedule and fill in the hours with these items.

3.Replace the ones that you can't do at home with with new routines. Fill your daily schedule with the new items.

Here are some examples:

1. Worked-out at the gym > Work-out at home.

2. Got ready for work > Shower and get ready for your day "in" but shift your mood by changing out of your pajamas.

3. Went out for dinner > Make dinner fun at home by setting a nice table, making something you used to have at your favorite restaurant and shift your mood by getting dressed-up. If you live alone, try a face-time date with a friend.

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