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Find Peace, Positivity and Happiness during Troubled Times

What are some ways you recommend people find peace, positivity and happiness during troubled times?

To find peace during negative times we need to train our mind to stay calm. The best way to achieve calmness is by practicing mindfulness and meditation exercises. In the beginning this is a difficult task because our brain is used to being distracted. Try starting this important practice by utilizing guided meditation videos/audios in the first 6 weeks until your mind and body can be trained to do these exercises without guidance.

To stay positive during tough times we need to train our mind to see the good in each situation, all-though this may be difficult at first. Try the following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT Technique).

1. Take deep breaths

2. Observe your thoughts.

3. Notice when you experience automatic negative thoughts (meaning negative thoughts that you often think unintentionally.

4. Think of 10 positive thoughts as alternatives to the negative thoughts.

5. Continue practice until you have changed 10 negative thoughts to 10 positive thoughts.

Daily practice of this positive thinking technique will have an incredible impact on your mindset .

Movement is the best Medicine. By being active we are creating a shift in our energy and are likely to feel better immediately. Continuous daily exercise has been proven to increase the release of dopamine and help elevate moderate symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is recommend to start with a 20 minute walk and increase it by 5 minutes a day.

Lastly, it is beneficial to remember that life is a journey filled with ups and downs. Remembering how past difficulties have come and gone is an excellent way to remind oneself that this too shall pass.

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