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The benefits of Exercise

No doubt exercise improves our physical health and physique, helps us achieve our body goals and gives us a great sense of confidence. But the multiple in which exercise can benefits us is literally limitless.

As a Therapist I would like to share the Mental Health benefits of Staying active.

Research has shown that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression, act as a natural anti-anxiety treatment and helps to release stress and tension.

Since I am a believer in treating my clients holistically, I look at the mind and body connection. When we feel better physically, we are much more likely to feel better mentally.

Exercise will help you with the following and much more:

- Feeling energetic

- Overall well-being

- Sleeping better

- Sharper memory

- Feeling more positive

- Boosting overall mood

- Relapsing into depression and anxiety attacks

- Promoting all kinds of positive changes in the brain

- Reducing inflammation

- Creating a healthy distraction and breaking up cycles of worrisome thoughts

- Helping relax the muscles and tension in the body.

Start with a 15 min daily exercise routine and increase it daily by 5 minutes. You will see incredible results in your physical, mental and emotional status.

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