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Exercise & Coronavirus

We are all feeling uncertain and most likely experiencing anxiety and sadness on some level. I know it maybe really difficult at a time like this to find the motivation to work out. Many of us may feel like letting go more than ever and indulging in yummy food to help us feel better emotionally but the positive effects of exercise are no doubt worth pushing ourselves to get in some movement!

Even 15 minutes of running or 1 hour of walking can help tremendously. We are all familiar with the many benefits of exercise but how is staying active during the coronavirus pandemic specially important?

1. It serves as a healthy distraction by breaking down the cycles of our worrisome thoughts (rumination) .

2. It gives us a designated time away from your phone/ computer/ news /work / kids and all other things that are playing a role in creating stress right now .

3. It helps the tension in our muscles and body that maybe at a all time high due do stress.

4. It can serve as a natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety by boosting endorphins, increasing blood flow, and changing the chemistry of brain pattern (disclaimer; please call a health care professional if you are not feeling well)

- It reduces inflammation in the body and helps with strengthening our immune system which we all need right now .

- It helps promote healthy sleep patterns that may be affected to due stress!

Try by starting with a 15 min workout session and increasing it by 5 minutes daily ! You will be surprised of how great you feel in 2 weeks!

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