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Successful Marriage

What is the secret to a happy and successful marriage?

Many factors play a role but the following factors have been proven through research to be crucial in building a successful relationship. These are based on the findings of the Gottman Research and Institute.

Dr. Gottman is an incredible Couple's Psychotherapist who has been researching the characteristics of a successful marriage vs. characteristics that may break a marriage.

The main important quality is how a couple is able to make-up after a heated argument. If the couple is able to come out of an argument learning, compromising and able to continue to respect one another then they are likely to continue on with a healthy marriage. Marriage becomes stable over time if the couple learn to reconcile successfully after a fight. It is also about how the couple is able to keep their negative thoughts from overwhelming their positive thoughts and feelings regarding one another and the relationship.

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03 de jul. de 2021

Forgiveness is KEY!!


16 de jul. de 2020

well said

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