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We understand that due to the COVID-19 Crisis, many of you are having a difficult time dealing with countless issues at hand. Taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself from the virus, while caring for your elderly loved ones or young children can produce an overwhelming amount of uncertainty which is the main cause for feeling anxious. 


Some of the most common issues due to the pandemic are being furloughed or losing one’s job, being quarantined in the house for weeks on end, fear of losing a loved one to the virus, fear of contracting the virus, fear of running out of resources such as food, obsessive thoughts and actions regarding the pandemic, , fear of not being able to pay the rent or utilities due to financial difficulties, missing loved ones that you are unable to see, feeling lonely, lack of motivation, emotional eating, lack of sleep, anxiety and sadness. 


Since so much has change in our world, we have decided to change our services to adjust to these conditions and to help as many people as possible. 


Here are our COVID-19 relief services:


  • Individual Therapy (FaceTime or Phone Sessions at a discounted price). 

  • “Live your best life” Coaching (Face-Time or Phone session). Whether you would like to have your best body, lose some extra weight, improve your social life, learn the art of goal setting, Tina can guide you in utilizing this time to reach your absolute best potential. 

  • Quarantine Related Zoom sessions. Zoom meetings are set up with pre-selected topics every Tuesday and Thursday (sign-ups are necessary and available on website). 

  • Interactive zoom sessions (up to 4 people) where questions and answers are welcome and divided between the members. 

  • Monday Motivation- Free IGTV - hosted by Tina, discussing topics related to emotional health aspects of COVID-19.

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